Research Interests                    

Status and Reputation; People and Organizations; Sociology of Strategy; Computational Social Science.

Working Papers

Tian, Yuan* and Ned Smith*. Paradox of Promoting Diversity in Higher Education. Revise and Resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly *(equal contribution)

Tian, Yuan, Ned Smith, and Brayden King. Organizational Status and Employment-related CSR: A Regression Discontinuity Approach. Revise and Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal
—Winner of the best proposal with student first author, SMS 2018 Stakeholder Strategy Interest Group

Tian, Yuan, Yang Yang, Adam Pah and Brian Uzzi. Media Attention and the Growth of Terrorist Organizations: Evidence from a Quasi-experiment Design. In preparation for submission

Tian, Yuan. Matthew Curse? Heightened Expectations and Cost of Status in the Financial Market. In preparation for submission

Work in Progress

Generalized Trust and Combinatorial Novelty. Data Analysis

Media and Public Access to Science. Data Analysis. (with Ben Jones, Brian Uzzi, Yang Yang).

Bouncing Back: Network Robustness and Employment Rebound. Data Analysis. (with Ned Smith).

Money Cannot be Green: The Impact of Performance Incentives on Financial Concerns and Sustainability Decisions. Manuscript in preparation. (with Julia Hur).

Investor Status and Venture Resource Acquisition: A Quasi-Experiment Design. Data Collection.