I am a PhD candidate in the Management and Organizations Department at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a researcher in residence at the Northwestern Institute of Complex Systems (NICO). I expect to receive my degree by June 2020. 

I am interested in the way social structures affect actors’—whether organizations or individuals—behaviors and performance. To that end, I investigate (1) how structural cues such as the status positions in a market affect firm strategies as well as individual performance, and (2) the construction of common knowledge that amplifies such impacts, with special attention to the role of the media and information intermediaries. My theoretical inquiries have naturally led me to study a number of empirical settings where the consequences and construction of social structures and structural cues tend to be relevant. They include the labor market, academia and science, nascent technology ventures as well as illegitimate organizations. My research is also unified by the methodological approach that uses a combination of computational and econometric methods. Specifically, I collect large-scale data and employ quasi-experiment designs to describe and identify new patterns and mechanisms pertinent to my theoretical interests. In this way, I aim to bridge sociological perspectives and the availability of new data and methods to study organizational behavior and strategy.

My empirical studies have won the Best Student-First-Author Proposal Award at SMS 2018 Stakeholder Interest Group, and are invited to resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly and Strategic Management Journal.